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Marc devised and is the principal writer of 3 satirical books, each of which has been featured by national UK newspapers. For the brief story behind each one, please read on….


Cover page of the satirical art book, Wanksy

Wanksy: Interpreting a graffiti virtuoso

Published by Summersdale 2012


Wanksy is a satirical look at pretentious art criticism which has been featured in The Guardian, El Pais and even Zoo Magazine.

The dilettante and unapologetic imitator, Banksy, has yet to comment on the great Wanksy’s work.

The conceit was straightforward: take some puerile graffiti and treat it like high art. The truly hard part was finding the graffiti. In twenty-first century Britain it is usually cleaned up quickly. Or perhaps people have better things to do. After painstakingly scouring the streets of London and environs, Wanksy’s oeuvre was photographed and then lovingly critiqued. An example of Wanksy’s genius is shown below. He (or she) truly is the da Vinci of da street…

Joe Has A Big Knob scrawled in concrete on the ground
Text from the book Wanksy about Joe having a big knob
Description from the book Wanksy about the image No Bell
Photo of a door with "bell" written in chalk and an arrow pointing to a empty space on the door.
A photo of a Time Out feature on the Wanksy marketing campaign

Time Out feature

The book’s marketing included a spoof campaign to get a phallus engraved in concrete considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As the proposition soberly argued: “We believe the work satisfies two of the criteria for selection, namely:

  • to represent a masterpiece of human creative genius
  • to bear a unique or at least exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is living or which has disappeared” … Unesco have yet to reply.
"An alternative art book that deserves a spot on your Christmas wish list...well-aimed satire."
Jonathan Jones
Art critic, The Guardian
Cover of the UKIP Cookbook

The Unofficial UKIP Cookbook

Published 2014

UKIP Cookbook

The book was published on 20th November 2014 on the very day UKIP won their first by-election. It instantly made an impact on social media with a Huffington Post feature  garnering over 4,000 Facebook likes in a day.

The book was also featured in the Mirror and Independent online, and a copy was sent to Nigel Farage. He has yet to reply.

"The Ukip cookbook is not actually a cookbook but is still hilarious."
Independent Online
Cover image of the Brexit Cookbook. A croissant is vetoed and fish and chips is approved

The Brexit Cookbook

Published by Summersdale, 2017

Brexit Cookbook

First came UKIP then came Brexit, poltically then in book form. Via the medium of spoof recipes, the Brexit Cookbook (British Food For British People) lampooned the Little Englander attitude to all things foreign.

The book was featured in the print edition of the Daily Express, featuring Boris Johnson wielding a croissant.

A little taster...

Excerpt from Brexit Cookbook: recipe for Steak and Ale pie
From the Brexit Cookbook: recipe for Sea Food paella

Readers' reviews

If you have a spare 2 minutes and want to amuse yourself, do read some of the Amazon reviews. It became clear not everyone realised this was a comedy book.

A one-star review of the Brexit Cookbook taken from Amazon

Even though it was written by Nigel Sewage…

But, thankfully, it would appear the majority of readers got the idea.

An image of a 5-star review on Amazon

Need some words? How Marc can help...

Marc is always generating new ideas for satirical books. Despite being fully corporeal, he also ghost writes. So whether you need a blog post written, help with an article or bons mots for your Twitter account, just get in touch.

Or contact my agent, Julia Mills

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