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Marc Blakewill...

Marc is a versatile comedy writer who has written for various media from TV & radio to books and greetings cards. You can check out the Portfolio page for full details.

Here’s a sample:

TV and Radio

Marc has written material for most of the main UK channels. Shows include Horrible Histories and The Weakest Link on BBC1, 2DTV and Headcases on ITV1 and the Charlotte Church Show on C4.

His radio credits include shows on Radio 2 and Radio 4 such as The News Huddlines and Parsons and Naylor.


Marc is the principal writer of 3 satirical books, each of which has been featured online by national UK newspapers.

Wanksy is a satirical look at pretentious art criticism and was published by Summersdale in 2012. The Brexit Cookbook: British Food For British People is a light-hearted take on xenophobia and was published in 2017.

"An alternative art book that deserves a spot on your Christmas wish list...well-aimed satire."
Jonathan Jones
Art critic, The Guardian
An airport scene with 2 parents and their kids. Mum: "I know our perfect trip for next year". Dad: "A holiday without the kids"

Say It!

The award-winning card range from Cardmix​

Greetings Cards

Ranges that Marc has devised include Middle Class Crime and Say It!, both for Cardmix.

Say It! Won the best photographic range award at the Henries Awards in 2018, the “Oscars of the greetings card world.”

Speech Writing

In November 2017, Marc created a speech writing service called All Write On The Night. He now regularly writes speeches for weddings, after-dinner and corporate events. His service is on Trustpilot and is five-star rated.

Trustpilot rating

If you’re interested in a bespoke speech or are simply a bit nosy, click here…


Radio 4

Marc's first ever credit was for the BBC Radio 4 show Weekending. (President Bill Clinton visiting his old room at Oxford - we all remember our first sketch!.) He continued to write for Weekending before branching into TV and stage, including taking shows to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Image of Boris Johnson on a zip wire


Marc was a regular writer for the Guinness World Record-holiding live satirical show at the Canal Cafe Theatre.

In the 2000s, Marc got his first TV credits, writing gags for the 11 O’Clock Show on Channel 4, the show that launched Ali G and Ricky Gervais. After meeting James Harris at NewsRevue, they collaborated on a number of writing projects some of which are featured on their Wikipedia page.

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